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Waterproof, roll-up, durable hex maps for Battletech and similar tabletop wargames

Canyon Labyrinth (4x8)

4X8 Canyon Labyrinth.jpg

Canyon Labyrinth (4x8)


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About the Maps

These enormous maps are for use with the Battletech game system as well as Leviathans and other hex-based tabletop wargames. The maps were created using high resolution aerial photography and then painstakingly conformed to a hex grid.

  • Maps are printed on scrim vinyl, a very durable material suited for heavy use.
  • Maps are completely WATERPROOF and unroll nicely without curling.
  • All the elevations are marked as well as any buildings, water depths, woods, or rough terrain.
  • Maps are to the exact scale as existing, officially released hex maps.
  • All hexes are also individually numbered.