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4x4 Bridge Town!

Grayson Smith

"Get your siege on! With three hardened bridges to defend, you'll need to optimize the deployment of your forces. The enemy has high ground across the river. The artillery is ready for coordinates. Get cozy, this may be a battle of attrition!"

Yeah, this one seemed easy at first, but finishing it ended up being a bit of a chore. Anytime there's city streets to synch up with a hex grid, it gets tedious. There's always a new puzzle to solve. Nevertheless, I was pretty happy with the end result. I paid a lot more attention to making movement inside the dense urban areas easier than on past maps. There are some parts of Capitol City that are just downright awkward and I tried to avoid that with this one. This time, I paid less attention to interpreting traffic congestion into terrain. The intention was to create easy pathways for movement, tempting players into making those dreaded piloting skill rolls on pavement.

And of course, I always fret about the density of woods in any hex. It's hard to make the decision to call something 'Heavy', or 'Light' Woods, but the usual rule of thumb I use is to ask myself whether or not that hex would stop a 100 ton tank from moving through it. I hope you guys will agree with my calls.

I could go deeper into assigning CF to buildings, but that would be giving up some secrets and possibly shattering the suspension of disbelief (not to mention boring you to death!), so I will mercifully cut it short. Hope you enjoy!

4X4 Bridge Town PREVIEW.jpg