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Full Size Digital Downloads of Select Print Files Now Available!

Grayson Smith

That's right! Now you can get the entire print files for Desert Craters and Hill Fortress. These are 300 dpi, CMYK, jpeg image files. They're ready for the printer as is. RIP them using your own printer and software, or take them to your local, large format printer. They're yours to use as you wish. The files are pretty large, so they may take a moment to download, coming in at over 200 MB/file.

Desert Craters and Hill Fortress are the first 2 maps ever created in the Mapmaster 4x6 series. They're basically what got this project off the ground. Now, they're yours to manipulate. We may release others as time goes by, but for now, many of the other images will remain exclusive property until more of them have reached table tops as a physical product. Mapmaster Battlemaps has always carefully guarded our print files. In the digital age, it's about the only security you have against IP theft. We hope you enjoy these and we look forward to offering more of these images up for download in the future.