Map Master Battle Maps

Waterproof, roll-up, durable hex maps for Battletech and similar tabletop wargames

Bundle Deals Are Here!

Grayson Smith

We want to bring you the best deals we can offer. We really do. After the Mapmaster team decided we would go with a Squarespace website, we quickly realized there were some severe limitations on offering the discounts we had been offering to our older customers via email exchange. The discounts menu just isn't set up to automatically include discounts on quantity by category. It was disappointing, but we knew that Squarespace was still the best option. It was only after beating our collective heads against the wall that we realized a little workaround for it. We had to create a new category, and the drop down menus for each side can be a bit tedious, but hey, tedium is nothing new to your average Battletech gamer, amirite?

Anyway. Behold! The savings are here!