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The 4x4 Pairing Problem with Solution

Grayson Smith

So now that the bundle deals are here, the question becomes "how do I pair all of these guys up for the best, logical interchangeability and adaptability?" Well, don't you worry your pretty little head about it. We got you.

Fill in the drop down menus like this:
4’x4’ Map 1
Side 1: Canyon Labyrinth North
Side 2: River Valley North

4’x4’ Map 2
Side 1: Canyon Labyrinth South
Side 2: River Valley South

4’x4’ Map 3
Side 1: Volcanic Fields North
Side 2: Rough Hills North

4’x4’ Map 4
Side 1: Volcanic Fields South
Side 2: Rough Hills South

4’x4’ Map 5
Side 1: Industrial Port North
Side 2: Drop Port North

4’x4’ Map 6
Side 1: Industrial Port South
Side 2: Drop Port South

4’x4’ Map 7
Side 1: Wastelands North
Side 2: Wooded Lake

4’x4’ Map 8
Side 1: Wastelands South
Side 2: Urban Ruins

See below: